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How to Prepare for your Photo Shoot

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8 tips for looking good and feeling ready for your photo shoot:

  1. Exfoliate and moisturise your face. You don't need to buy anything too fancy, you can use something very simple like a mix of olive oil and sugar gently massaged over the skin. If you happen to be troubled by spots, don't worry. Try your best to leave it well alone. A big red spot is surprisingly easy for me to get rid of with photoshop, a big sore mess not so. Quirky head shot photography london

  2. Brush lips with a dry toothbrush and smother on a lip butter or 8 hour cream. Dry lips are difficult to fix after I have photographed you, so you will need to look after them to prepare. This is especially the case during the winter.  Alternative Quirky Head shot photography LondonAlternative Quirky Head shot photography London

  3. Thoroughly clean and shape fingernails. Cleanliness is next to godliness. 

    Alternative Quirky Head Shot Photography LondonAlternative Quirky Head Shot Photography London
  4. Avoid drinking any alcohol, it leaves the face puffy. If you are having some trouble sleeping - see tip 8. 

  5. Drink plenty of water. If anything, a photo shoot is thirsty work and you'll need to be hydrated. Also, bring some with you.  

  6. Lay out your wardrobe, with shoes and accessories.  Make sure it is all clean and ironed. If you are wearing a shirt, I recommend investing in some starch spray when you are ironing. It instantly gives a really crisp sharp look. 

  7. Charge your phone and make sure my contact information is stored (07850 639 214).  Ensure you have a map and/or directions to the shoot location. Check TFL for any surprise engineering works. No one likes a rail replacement bus service.

  8. Finally, get a good night sleep - if you are having trouble winding down, I find it helpful to meditate. Calm that monkey mind! This is an easy and effective meditation.

Hopefully these tips will make you feel more ready for your photo shoot. Ultimately it's going to be a fun experience, so try to put worrying thoughts to the back of your mind and let excitement take over!




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