Head shots, personal branding and event photography with personality

Hi! I’m Rowan, a portrait and event photographer based in Sheffield.


I’ve been a full time professional photographer since 2012; and previous to that I worked for 10 years in sales and marketing. I understand brand, the essence of it and why it’s so important to ensure consistency in communication materials – especially your portrait photos. I believe that people buy from people, which is why your clients need to see the people that create your brand.

My work is all about personality, whether that’s your organisations brand personality, or your individual personality that you’ve poured in to your small business.

A picture can tell a story of a thousand words, and getting your business head shots right starts with the brief. I work with my clients through a process to understand their clients and business before I even pick up my camera. I believe it’s this process that produces creative, colourful and personality filled pictures that my clients love.


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