What to wear on a family photo shoot

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What to wear on your family photo shoot? 
I love colour, I try to make sure I wear lots of it, but deciding how to make the colours work together can be a nightmare - especially if you are pulling together an outfit for a whole family. Here are some tips on what to wear when you have your family photo shoot:
family portrait photography colour scheme
1) Coordinate colours, but don't match them. 
Uniforms are best kept at school or work, not for spending time with your family. After all, the Von Trapp family pre Maria didn't have such a nice time together. Pick a colour scheme and work around that. e.g. neutrals, blue to green, blue through purple to red, or even contrasting colours. 
family portrait photography colour scheme
2) ARGH but what scheme to go for?!
Think about what is going to happen to the photos when you have them in your hands. If they will be going in a frame on the wall, it might be a good idea to work with the colour scheme or that room. If you will be gifting the images to a loved one, pick something classic. If they will mainly be used online, go for your life! 
family portrait photography colour scheme
3) Avoid all black or all white
When photographing these two strong 'colours' it's very easy to loose the detail of your clothes - there is a risk that you could end up looking like a flat shape and not a marvelous shapely human. 
family portrait photography clothing advice
4) Limit patterns
They don't photograph well and will very quickly look dated. 
Family portrait photography clothing advice
5) Textures and layers are your friends
They add interest to the photograph, and can be moved around to mix things up a bit. Plus, they can help to individualise each member of the group without them sticking out like a sore thumb.
Ultimately, you need to be relaxed when you have your photo taken. You know what to wear to look your best, go with that and it will come together. :D
relaxed real family portrait photo


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