What to Wear on a Winter Photo Shoot

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Wear bold bright colours on a winter photo shootWhat to wear on a winter photo shootGo for bold bright colours

When shooting outside in the winter there really is one word to remember. 




I cannot stress this enough. And I probably sound like your mother. But whatever you choose to wear, imagine a nagging voice "are you going to be warm enough in that?" ringing around your head. 

Winter photo shoots can be fun, and the backdrop of winter can produce some stunning results - but the secret to this success is being warm. Here are my top tips for looking good and staying toasty:


1) Wear a vest.

Yes really. Or some kind of top underneath your bottom layer. You won't want every photo taken wrapped up in your winter finery with just your face poking out. Wearing a vest will allow for you to take your coat off and show off your hot bod! 


2) Pick a solid or neutral coloured base.

You can change your whole look in an instant by switching up your jumper / cardigan / scarf. When you wear something very neutral as your base outfit it will go with any colour. We will be able to switch between moody black, playful bright colours or alpine white in a matter of minutes. 


3) Bring your warmest top layers.

If we are shooting for over an hour, reject conventional style and bring your warmest coat / boots so that you have something to snuggle in to in between looking fabulous. We might not use them in the photos but you'll appreciate them in between shots, and travelling around.


4) Keep everything simple.

This goes for any season, but heavy patterns, logos or graphics can be very distracting in a photo. They also date very quickly. 


5) Ask yourself two important questions.

"Do I feel comfortable wearing this?"

"Do I feel confident wearing this?" 

Nothing looks better than confidence. It shines out like a beacon of brilliance from your face. 


I hope that helps you to decide on what to bring along to your winter photo shoot. It really doesn't matter if you turn up with a huge suitcase and only end up wearing a couple of items. I always love to follow the scouts advice and to be prepared! 

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