This is me and my dog, AKA my best bud, George. While I take and edit the photos he sits around, barking at the neighbours cat, trying to get in to the kitchen bin and listening to 6 music. 

I could say that I'm passionate about photography, etc, etc, but I think you might already know that considering that I made it my job. I think it's probably more interesting to tell you that as a little girl I used to read the family photo albums like books at bed time. And when my grandparents passed away, I was first in line to take care of the historical family photo albums. My grandfather painstakingly researched the family tree and sourced photos so we now have a record that dates back to the early 1800s. It's my pride and joy, and I plan to keep the album updated as our family grows. 

Photographs are important. So I try to make sure that I use my camera to take photographs that other people will treasure, like I do with mine. Whether I am documenting a wedding, spending time with a family, or taking portraits, I always aim to add personality, emotion and reality to each image. For me they are what creates something unique and beautiful. Something that is to be treasured. 

The photo of me here isn't the most flattering. But it's probably the most real photo of me. I'm snuggling George (who looks a little crazy) and I look a little bit messy. That's OK. Because this photo reminds me of a lovely hot sunny day we had in Queens Park. It reminds me of how I love to bury my face in to his soft neck, and that he smells like digestive biscuits. That's what's important to me. The moments, the emotion and the memories.